Keeping cool during divorce and custody matters

Tensions run high, and frustration, anger or sadness can easily overwhelm you during divorce or child custody. During this challenging time, keeping your composure may be crucial in the evolution of your case and its eventual outcome.

Your ability to stay calm under pressure may be tested, but there are practical steps you can take to manage stress and keep your cool.

Address internal conflict

Recognizing the emotional toll divorce and custody matters can have on your mental well-being is essential. Ignoring or bottling your feelings can result in emotional outbursts. Work to understand the roots of your stress and work on coping mechanisms. The better you manage your internal conflicts, the more poised you’ll likely both feel and appear during negotiations or court appearances.

Take a step back when things get tense

There may be moments when discussions or decisions seem to escalate rapidly. When you feel things getting too heated, taking a step back is a good idea. This brief respite can be enough to de-escalate and help you approach it. It also allows both parties to reconsider their positions and hopefully embrace a more amicable approach.

Practice deep breathing

This may sound simple, but deep breathing exercises can have an immediate calming effect. If you are overwhelmed during a meeting, court appearance or a conversation with your ex-spouse, take a few deep breaths. Inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a few seconds and exhale fully through your mouth. This helps lower your heart rate and reduce stress so you can focus on your case.

Keep your voice calm

Your tone of voice can significantly influence the atmosphere during discussions. Keep your voice steady and calm, even when discussing contentious issues. A composed demeanor can help you think more clearly and set the tone for a more productive conversation.

Staying cool during a custody battle or divorce is easier said than done. It may be easier on you if you seek legal guidance from someone who is prepared to advocate effectively on your behalf so that you don’t have to shoulder as much stress as you would otherwise.