Divorce versus staying married: A Dilemma worth pondering

In Pennsylvania and across the United States, couples thinking about divorce face practical and emotional issues. Sadness beyond words often occurs when a couple contemplates divorce after many years of marriage. Couples with children face additional difficulties. Divorce often occurs after a spouse has an affair because trust becomes a problem. Consequently, thinking about whether to get a divorce requires exploring the depth of your marriage.

An affair on the back burner

Paying less attention to your new lover and more attentiveness toward your spouse can equal a positive change in your marriage. Romantic feelings for another person can ruin your marriage. A little introspection may help to discover the reasons you fell in love with your spouse in the first place. It is impossible to contemplate your situation realistically unless you avoid seeing your lover and give your marriage a fighting chance before getting a divorce.

Discernment counseling as an alternative

You and your spouse may wish to try discernment counseling if you are both undecided about filing for a divorce. A discernment counselor will help you decide whether to get divorced or seek further therapy with a certified marriage counselor. Finding a marriage counselor who desires to save your marriage is not easy. In today’s culture, some therapists encourage divorce instead of reconciliation.

Love and lost feelings reawakened

If you no longer love your spouse, exploring your feelings may help rekindle the flame that once existed in the marriage. One way to rediscover hidden feelings is to act as though you are still in love with your spouse. Pretending to feel love may turn into real feelings. Visiting a qualified marriage therapist may help in this regard. Divorce is never easy, so try to reach a realistic conclusion before filing legal documents.