Sometimes, children are better off with their grandparents

Children need a strong and stable bond with the person who takes care of them. Usually, that will be one of their parents. However, sometimes parents have a hard time giving their children the structure and support they need.

There are situations where it will be better for the children to live with other family members. For some children, it will be much healthier, safer or more stable to stay with a grandparent instead of their mother and father.

Addiction can make even loving parents unsafe

Children are the silent victims of the modern opioid epidemic. When parents become dependent on drugs, their drug-seeking behavior may take priority over every other part of their lives. Even worse, when they use their drug of choice, they may be incapable of providing for their children’s needs.

It can be hard to watch your child struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction. It can be even harder to watch your grandchildren suffer because of your child’s issue. Grandparent adoption can help you step up when your child can not focus on what matters most.

Incarceration and health issues may also demand your help

Addiction is far from the only health concern that could make a parent unable to care for their children. A single parent fighting cancer or recovering from a cardiac event may not be able to care of the children adequately. Incarceration in state facilities or non-voluntary commitment to a mental health hospital could be other reasons why children may not be able to live with their parents anymore.

Grandparents who realize their children aren’t in a position to parent may want to consider asserting their legal rights and asking for custody of the children. Learning more about how state laws empower concerned and involved grandparents can help you better protect your grandchildren.