Signs your spouse is preparing for divorce

Many people who receive divorce papers are surprised by the news that their spouse is unhappy in their marriage. Hundreds of thousands of couples get a divorce every year, and still, spouses assume it can never happen to them. No matter how surprised someone may be about receiving news of a divorce, there were likely signs of it coming.

Knowing these signs and being able to spot them ahead of time allows you the opportunity to either prepare for divorce or act to repair your marriage. To help you act ahead of time, here are five common signs of coming divorce:

They are spending less time with you

When your partner is preparing to separate from you, they often begin to prepare for the separation emotionally. This preparation results in them becoming more independent and can affect the level of intimacy you and your spouse share as well.

Less emotional connection

When getting fired, having a bad day at work, or other things that would normally have your spouse offer you support no longer elicit the same response; it can be because they no longer see you as their partner. This perspective can be because of their plans to divorce you.

More time out of the house

Your spouse may not be at the gym, learning a new hobby, or visiting friends like they claim to be. Spending a lot of time out of the house can be because of an affair, a job they are hiding their income with, or consulting with an attorney.

Changes in finances

If you and your spouse have been contributing to a joint account for a long time, it may be a shock to see that they are no longer contributing. It is more likely that the money is going to a new account instead of them no longer earning any income.

Cell phone habits change

If your spouse has been on their phone much more often recently, they may be talking to a real estate agent, lawyer, or paramour. Alternatively, if they are not using their phone much at all, it may be because they have a new one that they primarily use.

Trust your instincts

Complacency can be a major threat to a marriage. When a spouse assumes everything is fine, they may completely miss that their spouse plans to leave them. If you suspect that you are seeing signs that your spouse is preparing for divorce, take the necessary steps to address the matter how you see fit.