Social media mistakes are costly in divorce

The ubiquitous presence and use of social media have brought many benefits to people wanting to stay connected with friends, relatives and acquaintances. Sometimes, people may overshare mundane and irrelevant things, too. But that is expected.

But what happens when a rift surfaces in a ere? How do you deal with this on social media? Of course, there is discontent with a disconnect, especially when a couple divorces. In such cases, you must observe civil behavior and not air that discontent about your estranged spouse in online forums. Doing so can harm you on the legal and personal fronts.

Lies and braggadocio

Anger, frustration and hurt are understandable with divorce. But taking to social media to complain about your spouse and threaten him or her bares your feelings to the public, which includes judges and attorneys. It reflects poorly on you and may haunt you.

When going through a divorce, here are some things you should avoid doing on social media:

  • Making threats, stalking and harassing: In the eyes of others – including a judge, you are an unstable and potentially dangerous individual. Such behavior may lead to criminal charges as well. Ultimately, it could affect child custody matters, too.
  • Posting lies: The truth eventually surfaces. Outrageous fabrications about your spouse will not tolerated by your friends and, of course, a judge.
  • Bragging: Excessive boasting about expensive items and purchases may be a sign that you have hidden assets. Those vacation trip photos of you and a paramour also are a sign of poor judgment.
  • Information about your spouse that only you know: This is personal information and should stay that way. Humiliation may be the goal, but do not do this. It will only backfire.

Divorce is difficult no matter what. It is not a good idea to make things more difficult, and you can do that through misbehavior on social media.

Emerge with dignity

While going through a divorce, it is good idea to limit your time on social media and even temporarily avoiding it. The divorce process may not always be the smoothest, but you want to emerge from it with a good amount of dignity. Do your best to avoid the anger and do not be tempted to vent and rage on social media.