4 specific advantages of child custody mediation in Pennsylvania

If you are getting a divorce in Rockledge, Pennsylvania, addressing concerns about child custody is probably one of your top priorities. Most parents expect their child custody negotiations to be stressful and combative. Sometimes, this is certainly so, but mediation may ease this process for you and your kids.

It might surprise you to learn that the overall goals of divorcing parents are nearly always the same. They both want what is best for their children, physically and psychologically. The problem typically lies in each parent’s perception about who can provide the care and stability kids need, especially after a divorce. 

How can child custody mediation help?

Child custody mediation occurs under the guidance of an objective third party. It can help parents communicate their concerns about custody matters in a way that litigation usually cannot. Four specific advantages of child custody mediation (for parents and kids) include the following:

  1. The informal setting encourages parents to communicate with one another honestly and freely.
  2. Mediation usually facilitates parental cooperation in finding the ideal custody and parenting plan.
  3. Mediators are skilled at keeping both parents focused on the best interests of their kids.
  4. The communication skills you learn during mediation will benefit your relationship with your co-parent (improving feelings of security for your children) in the future.

While child custody (or divorce) mediation is not appropriate in all situations, it has become a popular means of ending marriages in recent years. Take time to learn more about mediating child custody and divorce in Pennsylvania so that you can decide if this option is right for you.