3 important advantages of divorce mediation

Marriages come to an end for all kinds of reasons. While many divorces you may see on TV or in the movies may involve long, drawn-out court battles, this does not necessarily have to be your reality. On the contrary, if you and your ex still have at least some degree of respect for one another, you may be able to save yourselves time, money and stress by opting for divorce mediation, rather than a litigated divorce.

In divorce mediation, you and your former partner both work with the same impartial mediator to work through the same matters you would in a litigated divorce. Though it may not work for everyone or be appropriate for all situations, divorce mediation often brings with it significant benefits. More specifically, divorce mediation is often:


Many people navigating divorce find that paying for their attorneys’ time is their biggest divorce-related expense. In mediation, though, you and your ex typically share the expense of the mediator, and the costs of hiring a mediator are typically much lower than those associated with hiring your own attorney.

Less adversarial

When you litigate your divorce, you and your attorney may have to take an “us against them” approach, but this does not hold true in mediation. Rather than place you at odds with one another, mediation involves you working together to achieve a common goal.

Easier for kids

Mediation is often much easier on children than a courtroom divorce because they do not have to watch their parents take sides against one another or badmouth each other. It also shows your shared children that the two of you are still able to work together when it matters most, which may make processing the divorce easier on them.

If your marriage ended because you fell out of love with your ex and not because one of you cheated or otherwise betrayed the other, you may find that mediating your divorce leads to major benefits.