Three tech tools that may help coordinate custody schedules

Juggling the schedules of each family member can be difficult under the best circumstances. However, after divorce, life can get a little more hectic when custody schedules and communication challenges may be added to the mix. Then, if your child custody schedule changes, it can be almost impossible to remember what is happening on any given day.

However, there are apps for everything these days, including custody schedules. Many available apps do cost money, but there are several good options for free as well. Three free apps that may help you keep track of your family’s post-divorce schedule include Google Calendar, Cozi and SquareHub.

Google Calendar

Sometimes a simple option is the most appropriate. Google Calendar allows you to create calendars that both you and your ex-spouse can access. You may create a color-coded calendar that simply tracks whose day it is with the kids, and you may choose to create another calendar for your children’s activities, like soccer practice, dance class and Scouting events.


If your kids are involved in many activities or your family has a lot going on, Cozi may be a streamlined way to keep all of your scheduling information in one place. A color-coded calendar can manage everyone’s schedules and activities in one place, and automatic reminders can keep everyone mindful of upcoming events. You can also use this app to manage or share various lists.


If your children are older and have their own cellphones, you might consider using SquareHub. This private social network for your family allows family members to coordinate activities, send private messages and manage schedules. It is safe for children to use, and can keep everyone up to date on any changes to your custody schedule.

Without help, it can be dizzying to try to coordinate every family member’s schedule and effectively communicate a plan to your kids and your ex. Fortunately, there are several apps that designed to help keep it all organized.