Should Filing For Divorce Be On Your January To-Do List?

While frequently regarded as being a time of great joy and celebration, the holidays can also be stressful. This is often especially true for individuals who are in unhappy marriages when spending time at home with a spouse and extended family members can reinforce and intensify a husband’s or wife’s resolve to finally end a marriage.

It’s likely no coincidence that divorce rates tend to spike dramatically in January-some estimate by as much as 30 percent. If you are in an unhappy marriage and are thinking about filing for divorce, there are several reasons why January may be a good time to finally take action.

3 Reasons Why January May Be A Good Time To File For Divorce

  1. Your Children – Despite your, and your spouse’s, best efforts to conceal your unhappiness, children are incredibly intuitive and there’s little doubt that your kids know that something isn’t right. Some parents cite their children as being the main reason they delay divorce and stay together. However, to put it simply, your children deserve better. They deserve to grow up in a household that isn’t dominated by tension, mistrust and discontent and they deserve to have parents who are happy.
  2. Financial Benefits – If you know that you want to end your marriage, filing for divorce in January can be financially advantageous when it comes to paying taxes and making a cleaner break, at least in a financial sense, from a spouse.
  3. You Deserve To Be Happy – You may have spent months or years trying to repair or make your marriage work. There comes a point and time when it’s important to recognize that sometimes divorce really is the best option for everyone involved. Don’t beat yourself up or allow yourself to buy into the false notion that staying together is best for your children. You deserve to be happy and happy parents, make the best parents.

Before you file for divorce, it’s wise to consult with an attorney to discuss your situation and to explore your options. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are on good terms, you may decide that mediation is a good option and also one that can save you and your family a considerable amount of time, money and stress.

Alternatively, another cost savings and less emotional avenue is collaborative family law which serves to allow you and your spouse to work out the issues related to your divorce with the help your respective lawyers, a coach, and financial expert all working together to streamline the process and preserve the family relationships. Please call our firm to discuss these options in detail.