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February 2016 Archives

The role of prenups in marriage and divorce

When two people are in love, they often have a rosy outlook on life. They likely walk down the aisle with the belief that their marriage will last forever. However, people often change over the course of a marriage, making divorce the logical decision for many couples in Pennsylvania. While having a prenuptial agreement is helpful in a situation such as this, many couples have also found that the process of creating an agreement helps them better manage disagreements in their marriage.

Multiple arrests made in Pennsylvania over child support

As most parents know, it is expensive to raise a child. As a result, it is necessary for both parents to meet their moral and legal obligations to their children. Failure to do so could not only have serious legal consequences but could also damage the parent-child relationship. Police in Pennsylvania say that have recently made several arrests as a result of parents who allegedly failed to pay child support.

Family law: Social media clauses in prenups, custody agreements

It seems that social media has taken over how people live their lives and conduct business. Social media sites have wonderful benefits, allowing people to keep in touch with others despite distance and years. However, they have a downside as well; it is almost impossible to limit who sees information posted on social media. Even if a user has tight security settings, his or her connections may not keep pictures and other information private. As a result, many people in Pennsylvania are turning to social media clauses in legal arrangements related to family law.

Getting divorced? Learn why mediation might be the answer.

Like numerous other aspects of the American legal system, divorce is an adversarial process. When faced with the prospect of divorce, many people think of drawn out child custody battles, unending disputes over marital property and assets, and the heavy emotional burden that comes with ending a marriage.

Man pleads guilty after failing to pay child support

When a two people have a child together, both parents have a responsibility to the child as well as to each other. Meeting the child's emotional and physical needs is part of fulfilling these responsibilities in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, some parents are unable to meet their legal responsibilities regarding their child and could potentially face serious legal ramifications as a result. One out-of-state man recently faced felony charges for failing to pay child support.

Why You Should Choose Collaborative Law For Your Divorce

The traditional legal system is designed to be adversarial - there are two sides fighting against each other, trying to "win." While this system may work for many legal issues, it is often not effective when used for family law disputes such as divorce or child custody. Rather than there being a clear "winner" and "loser" both sides often walk away feeling as if they lost.

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