The role of prenups in marriage and divorce

When two people are in love, they often have a rosy outlook on life. They likely walk down the aisle with the belief that their marriage will last forever. However, people often change over the course of a marriage, making divorce the logical decision for many couples in Pennsylvania. While having a prenuptial agreement is helpful in a situation such as this, many couples have also found that the process of creating an agreement helps them better manage disagreements in their marriage.

Prenuptial agreements can help people make important decisions about what will happen in the event of a divorce. For many this could mean protecting a business or inheritance. For others, it could provide peace of mind for a spouse who is giving up a career to care for children.

However, prenups are not simply about listing how assets will be divided in the event of a divorce. For many couples, it is an opportunity to have an honest conversation about their assets and debts at the time of the marriage so that a spouse is not surprised later in life. Additionally, it is a time for a couple to work together in a spirit of honesty and compromise, potentially setting a precedent for future conflict resolution.

The ideal of creating a prenuptial agreement may be a difficult one to broach with a significant other, but choosing to do so is much more than planning for divorce. It could ultimately help couples plan for their future, potentially reducing future conflict due to unknowns and surprises regarding finances that could otherwise crop up. An attorney with experience with Pennsylvania family law can help a person planning to walk down the aisle protect his or her interests in the spirit of love and compromise.

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