There are alternatives to traditional divorce in Pennsylvania

A divorce may be the most difficult time in the lives of the people who go through it. Even when a divorce is wanted by both parties, the process can be time consuming and emotionally draining. While some divorces simply need to be handled through litigation, there are alternatives that many other people in Pennsylvania may find as a viable alternative to a traditional divorce.

One option is mediation. This process is about reaching an agreement. A mediator can work through areas of contention and reach a resolution that both parties feel is fair and protects their individual rights. Mediation can address individual areas of a split and find resolutions that no one may have thought viable beforehand.

Another alternative to a litigated divorce is collaborative law. This process is beneficial as a means of conflict resolution pertaining to all aspects of a divorce. It can be used to decide custody and property division agreements along with other areas that need to be decided before a divorce can be finalized. This process is hailed by many for being less adversarial than other means of divorce.

The type of divorce and methods used to avoid litigation can vary greatly and may not work for everyone who seeks a split. However, trying either mediation or collaborative law can help Pennsylvania residents reach solutions that they may not have otherwise thought of and ensure the most amicable split possible. Our website has more information about alternative dispute resolution and collaborative divorce in general.