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December 2015 Archives

Possible challenges to a gray divorce in Pennsylvania

There is a rising trend in divorce in Pennsylvania and across the country, and that trend comes with unique challenges for one party compared to another. The trend is called gray divorce. This is when a couple splits after 30 or more years of marriage. While any divorce can involve complicated financial issues, a gray divorce is putting women who spent decades as a stay-at-home mom and wife at a severe disadvantage.

Dispelling the divorce myth that one party will lose all

Many people debate whether or not to file for divorce for quite some time before taking action. One reason people may hesitate to file for divorce or feel a great deal of anxiety over a divorce is often related to scare tactics that one person may use against the other. These scare tactics involve myths regarding what one may be entitled to after the divorce. One person may say that he or she will walk away with everything in a Pennsylvania divorce, including the children, and the other will walk away with nothing. However, in today's divorce proceedings, these are simply just myths.

Child custody arrangements may need revisiting by parents

When a couple separates, a great deal of time and effort may be needed to draft a child custody agreement. Once a child custody agreement has been reached, that agreement often works for all parties for some length of time. However, Pennsylvania parents should realize early on that life circumstances and changing needs may require changes to a child custody agreement at a later point in time.

Takes smart steps to protect finances during a divorce

The divorce process affects finances regardless of the socio-economic class of the parties involved. While most people in Pennsylvania understand the need to assess their finances as a divorce begins, some may not know exactly what steps they should take to safeguard their finances during a divorce. These steps go beyond securing alimony or splitting what is in a joint account.

Help to avoid common mistakes with kids during a divorce

The divorce process can become complicated for many adults. But, when children are thrown into the mix, the actual divorce process can naturally become more complicated. Since communication is still necessary as children will typically have both parents in their lives, there are some common mistakes parents can avoid in an effort to make the transition and post-divorce child sharing in Pennsylvania a smoother process for all.

Adoption of a stepchild can be smooth or challenging

The adoption process is one that brings a family together and creates a cohesive unit, both legally and emotionally for parents and children. When a step-parent wants to adopt the child of his or her spouse, there are several steps. Those steps will involve the biological parent and that alone can make the adoption process challenging in some cases in Pennsylvania.

Holidays can complicate child custody in Pennsylvania

Holiday time and celebrations can be a way for families to bond and pass on valued traditions. For split families and parents who have opposing views, the holiday season can conjure up unforeseen child custody complications. While parents in Pennsylvania may find compromise to be the timeliest and most effective way to resolve these differences, others may need legal support to navigate child custody issues this time of year.

Divorce advice for Pennsylvania clients

Anyone going through the divorce process might be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of his or her future, particularly when it comes to finances. Pennsylvania residents who are in the midst of a divorce may need guidance as to what the best course of action may be and what may be best for their futures. While each divorce is an individual journey, there are common tips that can help anyone during a divorce.

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