Help to avoid common mistakes with kids during a divorce

The divorce process can become complicated for many adults. But, when children are thrown into the mix, the actual divorce process can naturally become more complicated. Since communication is still necessary as children will typically have both parents in their lives, there are some common mistakes parents can avoid in an effort to make the transition and post-divorce child sharing in Pennsylvania a smoother process for all.

One common mistake that legal guidance can help parents avoid is having an unpredictable custody arrangement. While life circumstances may warrant changes to plans and schedules, not having a somewhat predictable plan can make divorce harder on the children and parents. One tip to make it easier for kids in particular is to have a calendar in a child’s room with an outline of when the child will be with each parent.

Another mistake that may make the process more difficult for children is using the children as a form of communication between parents, or making them the ‘go-between.’ This has been shown to cause undue stress for a child. One tip, if a parent simply wants to avoid conversation or face-to-face confrontation, is to use technology as a means of communication.

While most parents in the midst of a divorce in Pennsylvania strive to make it smoother and less stressful for children, parents may let emotions or lack of alternative options get in the way. With sound advice from experienced legal counsel, parents may be more prepared to reduce the stress that divorce creates for children. With this guidance, parents may also find creative and unique ways to work together or communicate needs in a less contentious and timely manner.

Source:, “Survive Parenting After Divorce: Don’t Make These 5 Common Mistakes!“, Natasha Daniels, Dec. 14, 2015