Unique circumstances impact child custody issues

Families are complex, and the challenges of one can be vastly different than the challenges of another. When Pennsylvania families need to decipher child custody issues, those unique nuances can play a role in how the process may be best tackled. Those unique circumstances can also impact the future of a child custody agreement and the potential for a modification at some point in the future.

While some people may envision a courtroom scene and battle in their future, child custody agreement resolutions do not have to play out that way. Some families may find alternative dispute resolution practices to be the best method for adopting an agreement. This form of conflict resolution can reduce the stress and level of anger that affect a case and lead to the best scenario for the children involved.

Once an agreement is created, changing circumstances may mean a modification is unavoidable. If a parent loses a job or relocates, the custody agreement can be modified. A permanent change in a work schedule can also mean a parent must seek a custody agreement in order to continue spending time with a child. The changing needs of the child may also lead to a modification being sought.

Child custody matters can be emotional, and families may feel overwhelmed by the gravity of the choices that must be made. In Pennsylvania, the courts will work in the best interests of the child and also consider the parents’ schedules and changes that may occur. Knowing the options for resolution and when a modification may be appropriate can help families feel secure in the process overall. Our website has more information about child custody issues facing Pennsylvania families and the options for solutions.