Divorce decisions: duration and amount of alimony payments

Alimony is not set in stone, and there is no set amount ordered in every individual case. When someone in Pennsylvania is pursuing a divorce, alimony may factor into how that divorce proceeds and the lifestyles each person may expect as they venture into the next chapters of their lives. It is important to understand the facts about alimony, particularly the duration of the payments and the amount ordered, before agreeing to any alimony or property division agreement.

The amount ordered for alimony payments will depend on the spouses’ incomes. Also, the ability of both spouses to earn their own livings will affect the amount of alimony ordered. If one spouse is disabled or unable to work, that person may receive more alimony when compared to someone who is fully able to work who can pursue a career that will result in that individual being able to support him or herself.

The length of time for which alimony will be ordered will also depend on individual factors. One factor is the length of the marriage. The longer the marriage, the longer the amount of time for which payments will likely be ordered. Remarriage will affect how long someone will get alimony payments, as alimony typically stops when the receiving party marries another person.

In Pennsylvania, any spouse who wishes to pursue alimony may want to know what to expect and what may be typical or common for a person in his or her position. As for those who may be ordered to pay, knowing what to expect is equally as important. Once both parties are aware of the possible outcomes of the divorce, those parties may be able to negotiate a length of time and amount that each deems fair.

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