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October 2015 Archives

Family pet may take center stage during a Pennsylvania divorce

When a couple splits, the dissolution of the marriage also means a splitting of marital property. While many pet owners do not regard the pet as property, according to the law in Pennsylvania and other states, animals are dealt with in the same manner as other assets, and important decisions regarding the fate of those animals must be made during a divorce. Family courts all over the country are seeing an increase in pet custody situations, and attorneys are helping to negotiate resolutions much like the resolutions put in place for child custody situations.

Grandmother at center of child custody dispute ignores order

Decisions regarding visitation and custody of children can involve more than just the parents as seen by the rise of grandparents who either have custody or seek visitation with grandchildren. One recent child custody case is garnering attention as it involves a grandmother who has defied a court order to turn over her grandchildren to their biological father. Pennsylvania parents who share custody with grandparents may want to understand how this case is unfolding and how it has come to involve two states and a reservation.

Help may be needed to uncover fraud during divorce

Divorce is typically a time of emotional upheaval, but it can and often is a time of financial upheaval as well. The property division process during a divorce may leave many in Pennsylvania wondering if financial fraud may be at play by the other party in the divorce. Experienced family law lawyers can enlist the help of outside resources to pinpoint if fraud in the form of hidden assets or missing assets is an issue that needs to be dealt with as a divorce proceeding moves forward.

High profile divorce leads to several being subpoenaed

Once a couple decides to split, the act of splitting assets, funds and child custody can be a more in-depth process than some may realize. Pennsylvania couples may find they need outside help from other professionals in various fields in order to move forward with the divorce process. One high profile couple is making news as their divorce has been on-going for over a year and has resulted in others being subpoenaed to provide information and insight.

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