High profile divorce leads to several being subpoenaed

Once a couple decides to split, the act of splitting assets, funds and child custody can be a more in-depth process than some may realize. Pennsylvania couples may find they need outside help from other professionals in various fields in order to move forward with the divorce process. One high profile couple is making news as their divorce has been on-going for over a year and has resulted in others being subpoenaed to provide information and insight.

The husband is the billionaire founder of Citadel. His wife signed a prenuptial agreement in 2003, and the husband filed for divorce in 2014. The couple has yet to settle issues regarding the validity of the prenuptial agreement and also child custody issues.

One professional has been subpoenaed to provide financial information regarding Citadel’s worth and performance during the years the couple was married. Air travel companies and limo companies have been called forward to provide information regarding travel records and who may have traveled with one party or the other. A forensic accountant and fraud investigator have been called to testify as have other executives involved in Citadel. A professional photographer involved in the compilation of a wedding album has also been called to provide information.

The type of outside professional services that may be needed as a divorce moves forward can depend heavily on the couple involved. Pennsylvania courts may want to weigh information and insight from these various sources in order to ensure all of the facts are known before vital decisions regarding finances and children are made. While mediation or negotiations may be the less contentious method of resolution, litigation involving testimony or information from various professionals may be the only option some parties have so that the fairest decision can be reached.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Griffin divorce ensnares high-finance execs, limo drivers, photographer“, Becky Yerak, Oct. 5, 2015