Child custody can get complicated at start of school year

The beginning of the school year can be a hectic and chaotic time for any parent. When parents are divorced and in the midst of working on a child custody agreement, the beginning of the school year can complicate the situation even more. Pennsylvania parents may find the following tips helpful as they navigate co-parenting challenges in the beginning of the school year.

One source of problems may be the sharing of information. One parent may feel left out of the loop if that parent is far away and unable to attend important events, such as the first day of school and conferences. Technology can help that parent feel connected. It may be applicable for the parent who lives away to be included in any teacher conferences via phone calls to ensure that the parent has a say in educational decisions as outlined in a custody agreement.

The school year is filled with deadlines, projects and responsibilities of which both parents should be aware. It is helpful for co-parents to agree on a means and timeline to communicate important events and milestones. This may be a shared calendar online or through pre-arranged emails on a particular day of the week.

While parents working together with no miscommunication or contention may be ideal, this is not always achievable after divorce. When it comes to a child custody agreement that works for everyone, incorporating detailed plans and a means of communication can help alleviate confusion and minimize misunderstandings. Pennsylvania parents may also find a child custody agreement needs modified as the school year begins and unforeseen complications arise.

Source:, “10 Smart Back-To-School Tips For Divorced Parents“, Brittany Wong, Aug. 24, 2015