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September 2015 Archives

Financial steps for Pennsylvania couples going through divorce

Regardless of the status or length of a marriage, there are serious financial changes that will occur. Those financial changes need to be addressed by both parties in a divorce in Pennsylvania. Once both parties address these immediate financial concerns and obligations, the divorce process may move forward more smoothly, and each party may have a clearer sense of where he or she stands financially after the divorce.

Federal law pertaining to child support could land dad in jail

Violation of a child support agreement can lead to serious consequences, including jail time in some cases. If a Pennsylvania parent falls behind in child support payments for any reason, understanding the consequences is vital. It is also vital to know about a federal law pertaining to back due support and the ability to move to another state, as moving away has led to possible jail for one dad in particular.

Equitable distribution of property can involve pets

Many families have a deep attachment to their pets. For some family members, the attachment and love for a family pet can be just as important as the love for a child. This can be evident in Pennsylvania courts as property division agreements can involve disputes concerning the fate of these pets. While still legally regarded as property, more and more courts are taking individual cases into consideration and implementing creative resolutions when equitable distribution of property involves a pet.

New law may help parents behind in child support

When a parent fails to pay court-ordered child support for whatever reason, there may be serious consequences handed down, including wage garnishment or loss of a driver's license. If a parent loses his or her Pennsylvania driver's license due to lack of payment of child support, that parent's livelihood and ability to pay in the future may be further jeopardized. One state has enacted a law to help parents who are behind in child support avoid losing their jobs by offering them a chance for obtaining a special driver's license.

Child custody can get complicated at start of school year

The beginning of the school year can be a hectic and chaotic time for any parent. When parents are divorced and in the midst of working on a child custody agreement, the beginning of the school year can complicate the situation even more. Pennsylvania parents may find the following tips helpful as they navigate co-parenting challenges in the beginning of the school year.

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