Planning ahead can ease pain of a Pennsylvania divorce

When to file for divorce is not an easy decision for many people. For some, the decision may come over much contemplation, while for others in Pennsylvania, it may be a spontaneous decision. Whether thought out over years or days, when anyone prepares to file for divorce, it is vital to make certain decisions and think about the future, both long-term and immediate.

One area of concern for most every divorcing couple is debt. Any shared debt with both parties’ names will be shared after a divorce. For anyone concerned with the level of debt in the marriage and possible debt after a divorce, assessing and planning debt management should be done as soon as divorce is a possibility.

For a spouse who has stayed home or who has worked part-time, working full-time or incorporating a career may be necessary. This kind of transition and career move can be made as soon as divorce is an option. This may mean renewing old certifications and meeting with people in a similar field to prepare reentry in to the workforce. This kind of pre-planned reentry into the work force may also be necessary, as alimony is not guaranteed, and it might not be awarded for as long as a person expects.

Pre-planning for life after divorce may be difficult, as the emotions of the situation may take precedence. Having outside help and advice may prove beneficial for those in the midst or onset of the process. In Pennsylvania, there are legal professionals who can evaluate each case and help set the process in motion in a timely and smooth manner.

Source:, “7 Things You Should Do NOW if Divorce Is Even a Remote Possibility“, Adriana Velez, Jan. 9, 2015