Parents should be aware of child support scams

When parents need to agree to a child support plan, it may prove to be more difficult to abide by for some parties. When a child support order is not honored and a parent falls behind, there can be very real consequences and legal action taken. However, during a time of desperation to avoid negative consequences or to obtain support, parents might fall prey to scams. Any Pennsylvania parent who is concerned over late payments or the inability to pay may want to follow a recent story about a child support scam.

Two men are facing legal consequences after being a part of a scam. The men set up an online presence advertising their services for obtaining back child support. A custodial parent would reach out and pay a percentage of the support that the men would obtain from the parent who was in the arrears.

The men would threaten the paying parent with loss of driver’s licenses and even tell a parent that an arrest warrant could be issued. The men would send letters to the parent’s place of employment also. The men involved in the scam would charge fees to both parents and have now been sentenced for conspiracy to commit fraud charges.

Scams such as this have resulted in hundreds of victims. Any Pennsylvania parent who is behind in payments and concerned about retribution or legal consequences may want to find out what the potential legal consequences are and how those consequences can impact them personally. A formal modification petition based upon a substantial change in financial circumstances also may be an appropriate consideration. Any parent who is seeking back due support may also want to ensure any agency or method of obtaining that child support is legal and beneficial for all parties involved.

Source:, “SCAM ALERT: Crooks trick parents out of child support payments“, Doris Taylor, Oct. 13, 2014