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October 2014 Archives

Child support problems can pose unique challenges

Whenever parents agree to a child support order, the state has the authority to ensure that order is upheld. If it is not, the state can impose penalties or harsh consequences on the parent who is not living up to that child support order. However, those consequences were particularly troubling for one man who was ordered to pay child support for a child who wasn't his. Pennsylvania parents or individuals in the midst of a paternity or child support case may be interested in the case.

Pennsylvania women may need financial advice as part of divorce

There are many lifestyle, emotional and physical changes that come about when a couple goes from being married to being divorced, or even when they begin the process of a divorce. When a divorce does occur, the financial changes are inevitable for both parties involved. However, according to statistics, a woman's finances may change drastically compared to that of her spouse. Pennsylvania women may be interested in advice and facts about how divorce may impact their financial standing and stability.

Parents should be aware of child support scams

When parents need to agree to a child support plan, it may prove to be more difficult to abide by for some parties. When a child support order is not honored and a parent falls behind, there can be very real consequences and legal action taken. However, during a time of desperation to avoid negative consequences or to obtain support, parents might fall prey to scams. Any Pennsylvania parent who is concerned over late payments or the inability to pay may want to follow a recent story about a child support scam.

During divorce, don't rely too heavily on friends, family

Pennsylvania spouses who are ending their marriage often find the process to be more challenging than they anticipated. Even when both parties are in agreement that divorce is the best course of action, a strong emotional response often comes when the process actually begins. Many spouses are surprised when anger, resentment and frustrations arise, and seek a sounding board to express those feelings.

Equitable distribution of property complex with high valued art

When a couple decides to divorce, the process can grow more complicated if the couple owns a great deal of assets or has highly valued assets. While equitable distribution of property works well in theory, Pennsylvania couples may still have difficulties dividing assets or knowing who should get what. For couples who collect art, the process can be even more complicated to handle.

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