What circumstances may warrant a child support modification?

A permanent child support order is typically agreed upon once parents finalize a divorce or decide custodial issues. However, a child support order is not set in stone and is not simply set as is forever. There are times when Pennsylvania parents experience a change in circumstances or a child’s needs change. When this happens, parents may seek a child support modification to accommodate these changes.

A child support modification can be a temporary order, depending on the circumstances. One set of circumstances that may warrant a temporary modification may concern a parent that lost his or her job. Also, if a parent becomes ill and the other parent needs to take custody for a period of time, there may be a temporary modification of a child support order.

There are times when a change in child support isn’t just temporary, but permanent. A permanent change can come about under a wide range of circumstances. One reason that can warrant a permanent change is if one parent becomes permanently disabled and can’t keep up with payments. Another reason for a permanent change in child support can be a job change of one of the parents.

In Pennsylvania, parents may find many circumstances change over time and the needs of a child change dramatically over time. This can simply mean an original child support order is no longer a viable option or does not cover the needs of the child. A modification is a legal process that may require the know-how and finesse of a skilled family law attorney.

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