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August 2014 Archives

Finances need attention during a divorce

When a couple decides to dissolve a marriage, there are numerous decisions that need to be made right away. When it comes to finances, there may be decisions that have to be made quickly once both parties decide that divorce is imminent. Pennsylvania couples may want to follow a few tips about which financial decisions should be made swiftly.

Businessman faces felony charge for child support issues

Every state has procedures in place to deal with the nonpayment of child support. Whenever someone does not pay a child support obligation in Pennsylvania, there can be serious legal consequences. For one man who was behind in his required support payments in another state, felony charges now await him when he returns to the state where he owes the support.

Back to school tips for parents after divorce

The back to school season can be wrought with changes and new schedules for both children and parents. After parents go through a divorce, the changes in schedules can multiply and become more difficult to keep up with. Pennsylvania parents may want to follow a few tips for making the back to school season smoother for everyone after a divorce.

Dad serves jail time for clerical error regarding child support

Most parents diligently act to stay current with the child support order they are obligated to pay. If a parent falls behind in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, there are a number of circumstances that can occur, one of those being jail time. Recently, a dad was released from jail related to a child support issue. The situation made news due to the fact that the back due child support was due to a clerical error rather than an intended failure to pay.

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