Businessman faces felony charge for child support issues

Every state has procedures in place to deal with the nonpayment of child support. Whenever someone does not pay a child support obligation in Pennsylvania, there can be serious legal consequences. For one man who was behind in his required support payments in another state, felony charges now await him when he returns to the state where he owes the support.

The man was apparently ordered to pay $563 a month in child support. Reportedly, he failed to pay starting in 1996. His past due child support is said to amount to about $250,000. Authorities tracked the man down out on the West Coast, where he is said to be a successful celebrity trainer known around the world.

He is remarried, and the couple shares a 5-year-old in California. The man now faces 10 felony charges in Wisconsin and could be subject to a possible prison sentence of 15 years if convicted. Police said he maintains a high-profile presence online, and this helped them track him down.

Those who are behind on child support can face the loss of a driver’s license and even jail time in certain circumstances. In Pennsylvania, if a parent fears they may fall behind in payments, he or she may want to inquire as to their options for avoiding any criminal penalties. Courts are typically prepared to consider formal petitions for modification of previously ordered payments if there is evidence of a substantial change in financial circumstances. On the other hand, the courts will use the full power of the law to ensure that no parent is willfully ignoring their responsibility to provide for their children.

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