Tips to keep divorce separate from work

The divorce process can be complex, emotionally draining and time-consuming. Because divorce issues can spill over into every facet of someone’s life, it is only natural that divorce may impact a person’s career or work life. The impact on work can actually be detrimental to someone’s career. Pennsylvania couples going through the divorce process may be interested in a few tips to help keep a divorce separate from work.

One practical tip is to keep the details or issues related to a divorce out of the work place. This may mean intentionally avoiding talking about divorce matters with co-workers. It can also mean avoiding making phone calls from the office related to the divorce. Calling family members or the soon-to-be ex-spouse from the office can lead to conflict or interference with work priorities.

Other ways to keep a pending divorce from affecting future job prospects or current employment is by caring for oneself physically and emotionally. Letting the divorce process interfere with sleep, personal hygiene or the ability to focus can all lead to long-term work problems. Personal problems related to the divorce can also make a professional seem unstable or unreliable, affecting a person’s reputation after the divorce is over.

While it may be impossible to keep a divorce from interfering with daily life, if someone makes a conscious effort to keep the divorce separate from other areas of life, it may not have the far-reaching effects it otherwise may have. Pennsylvania couples may find that working together to resolve issues in a timely and cost-effective manner may be beneficial for all areas of life, both personal and professional. Pennsylvania residents may also want to inquire about more tips to make the divorce process smoother overall.

Source:, “Divorce can be a career limiting event if you aren’t careful“, Lee E. Miller, June 15, 2014