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June 2014 Archives

Tips to keep divorce separate from work

The divorce process can be complex, emotionally draining and time-consuming. Because divorce issues can spill over into every facet of someone’s life, it is only natural that divorce may impact a person’s career or work life. The impact on work can actually be detrimental to someone’s career. Pennsylvania couples going through the divorce process may be interested in a few tips to help keep a divorce separate from work.

Possible shift in Pennsylvania child custody trends?

In the past, it was generally expected that when Pennsylvania parents decided to pursue a divorce, children would be relegated to the custody of the mother. With the exception of certain situations, as in where the mother was deemed unfit, this was the cultural norm. According to a recent report, more fathers are fighting to change the tide of child custody arrangements that were commonplace in the past.

Financial matters can complicate Pennsylvania divorce

Whenever there is a marital separation, the emotional implications are also coupled with financial challenges and changes. When a couple marries and has considerable wealth from the onset, there may be a prenuptial agreement in place to ensure fairness in the event of a divorce. However, if the bulk of the wealth was accumulated during the marriage, Pennsylvania couples may find it more difficult to handle financial matters during a divorce.

Man deals with child support issues for child who isn't his

Many people deal with child support problems, from being unable to pay or not receiving payments on time to feeling that they have been ordered to pay too much. For Pennsylvania families, there are legal options and outlets that can help parents deal with any distressing child support issues. Any parent who is struggling may be interested in the story of a man who has been fighting for 20 years to rectify a child support payment order for a child that he says is not his.

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