Divorce rise tied to finances and recession

Divorce rates have generally hovered around the 50 percent mark for some time. However, as with any statistical data, there are natural ebbs and flows over time. The latest studies pertaining to divorce rates have surprised many trend watchers in the field. Any Pennsylvania couple contemplating divorce may want to follow the latest trends and the theories behind the recent divorce study.

In the years that were considered the height of the recession, there were roughly 150,000 fewer divorces on record than what is typical for that time frame. The divorce rate dropped, even though logic dictates that the financial outlook at the height of the recession created great strain on relationships. Then, as economic indicators pointed to a recovery, the divorce rate made a notable climb upward again.

Some say the recession made it difficult for couples to divorce because they could not afford to do so. Another reason cited is that these couples could not afford to have separate households after a split. There are also noted incidents where divorce was obtained but both parties remained in the home as finances necessitated.

The appropriate time to pursue divorce can be as individual as the couple involved. However, considering the financial reality of divorce for some and what it may mean for future finances, waiting may have been beneficial for all parties involved. Any Pennsylvania couple taking finances and the economic outlet into consideration before following through with the desire to divorce may want to gather as much information and facts about the cost of divorce before assuming whether it isn’t or is a possibility.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Divorces rise as economy recovers, study finds, Emily Alpert Reyes, Jan. 27, 2014