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February 2014 Archives

More Pennsylvania baby boomers taking steps toward divorce

As people age and make it past certain milestones, they may be seen as a much stronger and dedicated couple than their younger counterparts. However, as the baby boomer generation ages, there is a noticeable uptick in how many couples who have been married for decades that are now headed for divorce. Any Pennsylvania couples divorcing in their golden years may be relieved to know the trend referred to as gray divorce is occurring everywhere.

Families set tone for changes in child custody

Family courts have the difficult job of deciding what is in the best interests of children while also respecting the rights of parents. Whenever families can come to agreements on their own, the courts will respect that approach. Typically, in families where both parents are able and wanting to be a parent, joint child custody is the ruling that gets passed along. However, Pennsylvania parents may be interested in a push toward shared parenting.

Options can make Pennsylvania divorce process smoother

This time of year is notorious for seeing a spike in divorce filings. For those who have never been through the divorce process, there may be a great deal of apprehension about how the procedure unfolds. Everything from a timeline to the accurate cost of divorce may be unknown territory for Pennsylvania couples.

Divorce rise tied to finances and recession

Divorce rates have generally hovered around the 50 percent mark for some time. However, as with any statistical data, there are natural ebbs and flows over time. The latest studies pertaining to divorce rates have surprised many trend watchers in the field. Any Pennsylvania couple contemplating divorce may want to follow the latest trends and the theories behind the recent divorce study.

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