Falling behind in child support can affect freedom

Whenever couple’s divorce or even if they were never married, the responsibility that comes with having a child to financially provide for can be overwhelming or difficult for some individuals. However, once an order to pay a certain amount of child support has been handed down, not following through with that order can have serious consequences. Pennsylvania parents who pay or receive child support payments may want to follow the case of one man and his recent arrest.

The man was arrested on outstanding warrants related to failure to pay. He is reportedly behind in payments to the tune of $106,000. The 41-year-old is in jail in lieu of bail in the amount of $42,000.

A sheriff involved in the arrest attributes this particular arrest to an on ongoing investigation in the area. He also reported that there are others with active warrants for the same scenario. It was not reported how many children the man has, what amount he was initially ordered to pay or how long he allegedly did not pay support for the child or children.

There are times when life circumstances may make it difficult for a parent to adhere to a previous child support agreement. If a Pennsylvania parent fears they fall behind, are already behind or knows an impending life situation may make it difficult for them to keep up with payments, there are avenues to pursue to keep from being held criminally accountable. Oftentimes, family courts will consider modifications to child support agreements to keep parents from falling behind.

Source: DailyFreeman.com, “Napanoch man owes $106,000 in back child support, deputies say,” July 3, 2013