Pennsylvania mom makes child support most wanted list

When people often think about the most wanted list for child support evaders, they may typically picture what has been colloquially known as the ‘deadbeat dad.’ However, for the first time, a mom has made the ‘most wanted’ list for being behind on child support payments. The Pennsylvania woman is reportedly behind in child support to the tune of $330,000.

The 42-year-old mom was tracked down in Pennsylvania and was brought to the neighboring state where she was declared behind in payments. The payments are allegedly for the care of three children who are in foster care. Back in 1999, the mom was court mandated to pay $325 a week for the support of the three kids. They range in ages from eight to 12 years old.

A list has been put out by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that lists the names of parents in the United States who are the most behind in support. This is the first time a woman has been part of that list. At last report, she was being held in jail on $50,000 bail.

While being behind in the amount of hundreds of thousands of dollars is not typical, any parent who falls behind or is at risk of falling behind may fear how far that amount can reach. On the other hand, if one parent is struggling to pay child support, the receiving parent or guardian may also fear that back payments may reach a staggering amount. Family courts work hard to help those who may have financial issues due to life circumstances, such as sudden unemployment. Anyone in a position where falling behind in child support may be a possibility may want to inquire as to whether or not they can seek a modification or temporary suspension of child support payments.

Source:, “NY court: Pa. woman owes $330K in child support,” June 6, 2013