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June 2013 Archives

Harold Hamm's divorce settlement set to break record

Not only can the break-up of a marriage be emotionally difficult, it can be financially damaging as well. However, it can be particularly expensive if a divorcee happens to be a billionaire businessman in Pennsylvania or in any other state. This is what Rupert Murdoch recently found out when a court ordered him to pay $1.7 billion as a result of his 1999 divorce from Anna Murdoch, his second wife. At the time this was considered the world's most costly divorce, but Murdoch's divorce is set to be topped by an even more expensive divorce.

Pennsylvania mom makes child support most wanted list

When people often think about the most wanted list for child support evaders, they may typically picture what has been colloquially known as the 'deadbeat dad.' However, for the first time, a mom has made the 'most wanted' list for being behind on child support payments. The Pennsylvania woman is reportedly behind in child support to the tune of $330,000.

Wife files for divorce, cites husbands prison term

There are as many reasons why people divorce as why people decide to marry. However, sometimes the reasons cited for divorcing a spouse can play a major role in everything that has to be dealt with afterwards, such as alimony and child support. Pennsylvania couples divorcing may want to follow the story of how a divorce involving one spouse's criminal record is playing out.

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