Pennsylvania couples should know divorce filings take no holiday

When most people think about Valentine’s Day, they typically picture roses, chocolate and quiet romantic dinners. However, Pennsylvania couples may want to take note of the fact that holidays, even Valentine’s Day, may be the perfect time for someone to file for divorce. While others open boxes of candy, some may think it is the best time to start anew by filing for divorce.

According to news reports, actress Diane Lane chose the holiday devoted to love to decide to move on and take official steps to end her marriage. Lane has been married to actor Josh Brolin for over eight years. This is the second marriage for both of them.

Reportedly, the couple listed the day before Valentine’s Day as when they officially separated. The divorce filing cites irreconcilable differences as the official cause of the split. They do not have any children together, and there is no official mention of a prenuptial agreement between the two actors.

This recent case highlights the fact that when one party or both decide there is no reason to continue with the marriage, it simply doesn’t matter what time of year it is and sentimentality may not factor into when a filing takes place. Pennsylvania couples may find Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion is the time when one party decides to file for divorce. Many cite these holidays as a wakeup call of sorts, and they may decide now is the time to start a new life. Being prepared for this new stage of life is probably the best first step for couples thinking about divorce.

Source: The Seattle Times, “Diane Lane signed divorce doc on Valentine’s Day,” Feb. 22, 2013