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February 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania couples should know divorce filings take no holiday

When most people think about Valentine's Day, they typically picture roses, chocolate and quiet romantic dinners. However, Pennsylvania couples may want to take note of the fact that holidays, even Valentine's Day, may be the perfect time for someone to file for divorce. While others open boxes of candy, some may think it is the best time to start anew by filing for divorce.

Former Pennsylvania politician has a dramatic divorce process

A former state representative from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has recently had marital problems that led him to the courtroom and then to jail. The divorce process could be complex because there are many past issues to consider, such as alleged domestic violence, drunk driving, extra-marital affairs and child custody arrangements. The representative's wife has gotten a court order to protect her from potential abuse, so the couple will not have any contact with one another before the court proceedings take place.

Pennsylvania adoption a loving goal for babies left at hospitals

A Pennsylvania newspaper recently tackled a delicate but important issue in our state. There is a law on the books that addresses the care and well being of newborn children. Simply stated, the law permits a parent to leave a newborn at a Pennsylvania hospital without any repercussions. There are no questions that must be answered, and the thrust of the law is to protect a newborn infant from another fate. Those that are left are ultimately available for adoption.

Pennsylvania child custody: Man fights for son after tragic loss

No matter the reason, Pennsylvania child custody battles can often be delicate and emotionally draining. A father is being forced to fight a devastating battle after losing his girlfriend to suicide. Child welfare authorities stepped in after the woman's death and took the child, claiming they did so because the man was not the child's biological father. What resulted is a heart-wrenching child custody battle and a plea from a grieving father.

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