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October 2012 Archives

Case Law Update - Family Law: Superior Court Rules That Parent With Sole Custody Has Right to Make Unilateral Decisions Regarding Child

By Cynthia Bashore, Esquire

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore divorce update: Are they at odds?

Pennsylvania readers have likely followed the media reports about the separation of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Though the A-List couple has apparently not actually filed for divorce, the two have been separated since 2011. Indeed, Ashton is said to be in the midst of a new romance with Mila Kunis and was rumored to have had extramarital affairs with at least two other women.

Pennsylvania men can have need of domestic violence orders

It may be something of a surprise to readers to find that it's not just women who are victims of domestic violence. Statistics, however, show that men can often be the victims of domestic violence as well. With October marking Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Pennsylvania residents who are considering filing for domestic violence orders may wish to learn more about this important issue.

Child support issues for Pennsylvania parents to consider

Few people enter into a marriage believing that it won't be the "happily-ever-after" most envision. The reality of life, though, is that approximately half of marriages do eventually end in divorce. This can be even more emotionally damaging for children who are caught in the middle. That is one reason that Pennsylvania parents should strive to make amicable child support arrangements if at all possible.

Adoption between Pennsylvania and other states can be difficult

Adoption can be a challenging process for parents and children alike under the best of circumstances. Throw in the proverbial wrench of an interstate adoption and things can become even more complicated. Pennsylvania residents thinking about entering into an interstate adoption should be aware of the potential hurdles which could crop up as they enter into what may be for them uncharted territory.

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