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August 2012 Archives

More rallying for grandparents' rights to visit children

The issue of grandparents' rights seems to be a growing concern for many Americans across the country. Pennsylvania grandparents who have seen their children lose custody of their grandchildren know that it can be difficult to obtain visiting rights once the state takes over. Oftentimes, courts cannot legally order foster parents to let biological grandparents see their grandchildren. For reasons such as this, many people are starting to lobby for grandparents' rights.

Pennsylvania couples face pressure for same-sex parent adoption

Same-sex couples who are used to facing their own set of challenges when it comes to getting married may be surprised to find that some challenges are the same no matter what type of couple is involved. For instance, many parents want to know just when a newly-married couple is going to make them grandparents. For Pennsylvania couples who may have previously considered starting a family impossible, the idea of same-sex parent adoption might take some getting used to.

August is Child Support Awareness Month

August marks Child Support Awareness Month, which can be a good time for those who have either gone through or may go through divorce to educate themselves on child support issues. Pennsylvania parents who face child support issues on an ongoing basis may wish to know more about how the law impacts their rights and responsibilities. While individual child support orders will vary from case to case, there are some basic things that can be kept in mind.

Hope for those with domestic violence orders who own pets

Reports of domestic violence can often seem depressing, but one domestic violence shelter is working to bring hope and positivity to the lives of those they serve by opening an animal kennel on shelter grounds. Pennsylvania residents who have ever had to obtain domestic violence orders likely know that choosing to leave an abusive spouse often means making a difficult choice: getting out of an abusive situation by leaving their beloved pet behind or staying put. For those who love their animals as if they're part of the family, this can be an untenable decision to make.

Update on PA Motor Vehicle Laws: Cell Phone Use While Driving

Pennsylvania's Texting While Driving Ban went into effect on Thursday, March 8, 2012. The new law bans texting while driving. The new law prohibits the reading or sending of text messages and emails while driving. However, drivers are still permitted to talk on their handheld phones. This stateside law supersedes local ordinances that may ban the use of handheld phones while driving.

BKM v. JAM 2012 PA Super 156

Trial court denied Mother's petition for relocation to Sweden and awarded the parties shared physical child custody of the minor children if Mother resides in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; however, if Mother resides in Sweden, the court ordered that Father was to have primary physical custody of the children. The children lived primarily with Mother in Sweden since 2010 while Father remained in the United States with his paramour.

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