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June 2012 Archives

Dwyane Wade and ex-wife face visitation and child custody issues

Professional basketball player Dwyane Wade has recently been experiencing conflicts with his ex-wife over their child custody visitation schedule. After divorcing in 2010, the NBA superstar was awarded custody of his two young sons in March 2011. The most recent problems with his ex-wife appear to stem from visitation disagreements. In Pennsylvania divorce cases, as with other states, working out child custody arrangements can prove challenging.

House passes legislation seeking to enforce international child support

Recently, in support of helping states further enforce child support obligations, the House passed legislation seeking to ratify an international child support treaty. Among other states, this may mean a much faster process of collection for Pennsylvania parents awaiting child support from non-custodial parents living outside of the United States. A process that may have previously taken five or more years to accomplish due to international laws may be subject to greater cooperation between signatory nations if the legislation is enacted into law.

Revisiting child custody agreements for growing children

When spouses in Pennsylvania and across the United States come to the decision to divorce, a lot of difficult and time-consuming factors have to be taken into consideration. While splitting assets can be frustrating, nothing brings more hardship than splitting parenting time when it comes to the children involved.

Is video game addiction wreaking havoc on your marriage?

What's the best video game system of today: Wii? Playstation 3? XBox 360? With various systems out there, it's hard to determine the best one, but that's not really what the concern is for many people. In fact, the problem may lie within what the video games could cause: divorce.

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