Is video game addiction wreaking havoc on your marriage?

What’s the best video game system of today: Wii? Playstation 3? XBox 360? With various systems out there, it’s hard to determine the best one, but that’s not really what the concern is for many people. In fact, the problem may lie within what the video games could cause: divorce.

Many residents of Pennsylvania divorce for other reasons than video games. Most would divorce their spouses over financial aspects of the marriage, alcohol problems or adultery. However, there are plenty of people that would divorce their spouse over them having too much of their time wrapped up in an isolating activity — such as a video game.

An online survey was recently conducted in Japan. The results weighed the answers of 721 Japanese women in which playing video games was the fourth most stated reason for a breakup. In fact, Divorce Online showed that about 15 percent of women who got a divorce citing unreasonable behavior was because they felt as though their partner saw gaming as a more important part of their life than the relationship.

Regardless of why someone wants a divorce, even if it is because of a video game addiction, it is critical to take the time to sit down and think about it. This includes everything from the relationship to the finances to the future. Some marriages can be saved, but in many cases, divorce is the best or even the only option. However, anyone in Pennsylvania seeking a divorce should ensure that their rights are protected while working toward a favorable settlement.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Cause: Video Games Causing Splits In Japan,” May 30, 2012