Beware cyber-hacking spouses during a divorce

Anyone in Montgomery County that is getting a divorce knows just how important it is to be civil with a future ex-spouse. The more anger and distrust that is present during a divorce, the harder it will be to dissolve the marriage. With this new computer-age, it is easier than ever to get information on your spouse and several people’s attempts at digging up dirt has not only led to some acrimonious splits, but some serious legal trouble for cyber-snooping spouses.

While going through a divorce is certainly difficult, there is no reason for your soon-to-be ex-husband or -wife to spy on you. In fact, in many cases, it is illegal for a future ex to go tap into your person e-communications. While it may be rare for a Philadelphia resident to get into criminal trouble for using software or devices to transmit a spouse’s private information, it is possible. More likely, however, is that any information a spouse may discover will not be admissible evidence in a divorce proceeding in court.

Many family law professionals encourage a spouse to change their passwords so that exes can’t access things like communications with attorneys. In some situations, the information that an invasive spouse finds will be thrown out of court and can’t be used in the divorce proceedings. While it is certainly important to find information about a spouse’s assets, much of the information can be discovered legally and with a court order.

As family law evolves in Pennsylvania and across the United States, there will be greater clarity on how to deal with electronic communication and cyber-snooping. For now, it is important to talk to an experienced divorce attorney to discover how you can protect yourself and your information from a less-than-trustworthy spouse.

Source: WLTX, “In Divorce Wars, Cyber-Snoops Often Cross Legal Lines,” Derry London, Feb. 23, 2012