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February 2012 Archives

Child support ruling affects biological fathers

Recently the Pennsylvania Supreme Court passed a ruling on a child support case concerning complicated matters of paternity. The case in question involves an alleged biological father, the mother of the child and the mother's estranged husband. Ruling that the best interests of the child should be of the utmost concern and that biological fathers may be held more strictly to pay child support, the ruling could have important implications for many families in the state.

Beware cyber-hacking spouses during a divorce

Anyone in Montgomery County that is getting a divorce knows just how important it is to be civil with a future ex-spouse. The more anger and distrust that is present during a divorce, the harder it will be to dissolve the marriage. With this new computer-age, it is easier than ever to get information on your spouse and several people's attempts at digging up dirt has not only led to some acrimonious splits, but some serious legal trouble for cyber-snooping spouses.

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