How can technology help you co-parent better?

Technology plays a far bigger role in the lives of modern parents and their kids than it did when those same parents were children themselves. That has its pros and cons.

We detailed in a previous post some of the ways that technology can cause conflicts for co-parents. However, it can also do a lot to make co-parenting easier. Here are some of the ways  it could help you:

It allows you both to maintain greater contact with your kids

Nothing can beat one-on-one time with your child. Yet, sometimes, that is not possible due to work, custody schedules or a move to a new place. Technology can help a lot here, allowing your kid to Facetime you at the tap of a button. They can also do things like send you their math homework so you can help them if your co-parent is unable to.

Modern children talk to their friends online and via messaging services all the time, and it comes naturally to many of them. They may get much more out of screen time with you than you realize.

It allows you to share information

Joint calendars can give everyone access to your child’s schedule. Parenting apps allow you to share information or ask each other things in a less intrusive way. That can be particularly useful when the divorce is still raw, and the thought of having to answer the phone to your ex knots your stomach.

Learning more about how technology can help you co-parent and, perhaps, documenting some measures in your parenting plan can help you lay a path to a better co-parenting relationship.