Most children adjust well to divorce

When parents are considering divorce, they are often rather worried about the impact that it will have on their children. In fact, there are even couples who decide that they’re going to stay together specifically because they want to provide that home environment to their kids. They are not personally happy in their relationship, but they decide not to end it anyway.

But there are two reasons why parents shouldn’t think this way and why it can actually be problematic.

Staying together can be worse

First and foremost, some studies have found that parents who stay together are actually creating a worse environment for their children. This is true if the parents are involved in a high level of conflict. This conflict could be why they’re considering a divorce, and staying together forces the children to live in a high-conflict home. This may be more detrimental to their development than if their parents split up.

They tend to adjust in time

The second thing to remember is that the trouble children have with divorce usually happens right away. It is a major change in their life, and it takes time for them to adjust. But these studies also find that the majority of children do adjust to divorce. It does not have a long-term negative impact on their development or their life. Instead of avoiding divorce, parents should focus on what they can do to make it go smoothly for their kids.

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