5 tips for families experiencing high-conflict divorces

The inherent nature of divorce is tearing apart what you hoped was an enduring bond. This breakage only means that you and your ex-spouse cannot be completely immune from some degree of disagreement. But in some cases, conflicts reach extremely antagonistic levels. If not managed properly, it may have a detrimental impact on your family’s well-being.

How to reduce conflicts

Per Pennsylvania’s collaborative laws, you have the option to sign a participation agreement to resolve your high-conflict divorce. This process necessitates forming a team of legal, financial and psychological professionals. Depending on the severity of your circumstances, this approach could save you from unnecessary costs, stress or emotional turmoil.

Despite your best intentions, litigation may still be inescapable, especially during life-threatening conditions. If this is the case, you must work with your legal representative to handle the situation in the most amicable way possible.

  • Create open lines of communication: Misunderstandings or misinterpretations result from vaguely expressed thoughts. It will be wise to allow your legal counsel to represent your interests across available channels to help minimize control issues and power struggles.
  • Learn to compromise: You and your ex-spouse may want and need completely different things. But practicing flexible thinking may lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Check your behavior: When your ex-spouse is displaying hostility, you must not engage. Fighting against an explosive rage could only make you a target absorbing their negative energy. Moderating your responses can turn the situation around.
  • Drown out the noise: Other people, especially with social media, may have so much to say about your challenged relationship. Take what resonates. Prioritize upholding your family’s harmony by picking your battles.
  • Be kind to yourself: Accept that there are days when things may not work out. But find solace in knowing that you did what you could. By taking care of yourself – eating good food, proper exercise and other positive reinforcements – you’ll have the capacity to also look out for your family with level-headed decisions.

Ultimately, you and your ex-spouse must be cognizant of doing everything to create a loving and respectful environment for the sake of your child.

Protecting and preserving your peace

The road to peace is rarely simple, but there’s always a way if you look or try enough. Once you focus on your future after surviving current battles, you will soon realize it is worth every effort you have poured.