Tips for effective co-parenting communication

Going through a divorce when you have children is a very complex undertaking. You have to think about all the normal divorce topics, such as property division. You also need to consider things related to the children.

Some parents decide that they’re going to put their own feelings aside to raise the children in an environment with minimal stress. One option for this is co-parenting, which requires optimal communication.

Always focus on the kids

Always keep the focus of discussions on the children. Anything else, including the past or your new personal life can lead to conflicts that spill over into the child custody situation. As you’re trying to work things out with your ex, consider how the options impact your children.

Never pass messages through the children

You and your ex should always talk directly to each other. Some parents try to send messages through the children but this isn’t a good idea. The children might not relay the message correctly. Additionally, there’s a chance that they will have to deal with a knee-jerk reaction from one parent.

Learn when to take a timeout

It’s hard to remain calm when there’s an intense conversation going. Unless the matter you’re discussing is an emergency, you and your ex can take breaks to calm down and think things over. Putting the terms for conflict resolution in the parenting plan is beneficial.

Making sure you and your ex are doing what’s best for the children is important. The parenting plan is the key to this, so be sure you make an effort to get this done quickly. Your children can have the stability they need when there’s a solid foundation for the co-parenting relationship.