Collaborative divorce can make things easier for your children

Divorcing when you share children is more complicated than without them. You have far more issues to address, such as how you will parent and when and how you will financially support the children after the divorce.

Often, resolving those concerns can lead to conflict and litigation. However, conflict between parents is a big part of why divorce is so damaging for children. You and your spouse may be able to avoid the worst effects of divorce on your children if you use a collaborative approach..

What is collaborative divorce?

When people think of divorce, they usually think of acrimonious litigation. Yes, couples can and do battle in court in some divorces. However, you can also work together, either directly or through your attorneys, and create your own settlement before you go to court. Collaborative divorce is the process of working together instead of fighting each other.

How collaborative divorce helps children

Divorce can be very stressful and emotional for children — especially when they feel pressured by their parents or when they witness parental fighting. In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse can minimize the friction between the two of you.

When you settle custody matters on your own, you can also take a lot of the pressure off of your older kids. Children often worry about needing to state their preferences in a litigated custody scenario. A collaborative approach can make divorce less painful for them. Considering a collaborative approach to divorce could make the process easier for you and may help prepare you for a healthy and positive co-parenting relationship.