A forensic accountant: the ally you need to find hidden assets

Your spouse concealed so many things from you during your marriage, and you grew tired of it. Many times, you uncovered some of those secrets on your own. But after one too many bouts of distrust and abandonment, you have filed for divorce. And you want to make sure you secure your rightful share of marital assets.

A professional who may help you is a forensic accountant. When looking for hidden marital assets, forensic accountants often find them because they are accustomed to every dirty trick that may be used to cook the financial books of a marriage and conceal many details. A forensic accountant usually works in tandem with your attorney. They represent a solid one-two professional punch for clients.

Uncovering those hidden assets

A forensic account is used to unraveling the mysteries of hidden assets, and the occasional fraud that accompanies it. Here are a few of the details that a forensic accountant may uncover when searching for hidden assets:

  • Underreported income: Perhaps your spouse diverted income in sneaky ways. In addition, maybe your spouse colluded with an employer to delay work-related bonuses or a raise until after the divorce.
  • Overpayments to creditors: Paying fake debts to creditors is a clever way to hide assets. A forensic accountant may rip away the mask of concealment and reveal them.
  • The disclosure of fake entities: The discovery of dummy corporations is possible. These are fake companies serving as a front for the dishonest financial dealings of your spouse.
  • Suspicious cash purchases for expensive items: With some digging, a forensic accountant may find evidence of hidden money used to buy luxury goods, overseas trips and tuition for your spouse’s paramour or even to rent an apartment for him or her.

In a highly contentious divorce where there is a tug-of-war for assets, a forensic accountant is an ally that you can rely on to uncover what you thought was lost forever. Hidden assets often do not remain hidden when this professional looks for them.