Here’s why you want to keep your divorce out of court

If you were to go off of what you see on television, then you’d assume that all couples who decide to end their marriage end up duking it out in contentious courtroom battles — but that’s not reality.

An increasing number of divorcing couples have opted for mediation in recent years. Why? Consider the following reasons:

You retain control over your future

Divorcing couples who can’t resolve their differences generally think that pursuing litigation is their only option. They don’t realize that they surrender control over their future to the court when they go that route.

You can preserve your privacy

Are some of the issues in your divorce potentially explosive or humiliating? Are you worried how it could damage your professional reputation, your career or your standing in the community? Settling your divorce through mediation or collaborative law will keep your private business private.

You get a customized custody plan

If you want a custody plan that takes the unique needs of your family into account, you won’t get that through litigation. Judges tend to stick to formulaic approaches to custody — and that could leave everybody unhappy with the results.

You can save time and money

Litigation is both costly and time-consuming. If money’s an issue, collaborative divorces can be easier on your wallet. Even if money isn’t an issue, you may simply want to move on as quickly as possible, and it can take a while to get through the congested court docket.

How mediation gives you a choice

Many individuals who walk away from their marriages want to start a new, fresh chapter in their life. They don’t want to have to continue to relive past mistakes in their life. Mediation can offer you that control that you’re seeking as you venture into a new season in your life.