Divorce doesn’t have to be a long process

Many people dread divorce for many reasons, including a fear that the process will take a long time. While it’s true that more complicated divorces can take longer to complete, there are certain instances where Pennsylvania’s divorce code allows for an expedited process.

There are two grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania that may lead to less time in the court room and a quicker finalization. If your situation fits either of these situations, you may be able to have a quicker resolution. The two grounds that can allow for a quicker divorce are:

  1. Mutual consent occurs when you and your ex-spouse each file paperwork that says that both of you agree to a divorce. However, 90 days must have passed since the divorce proceedings began and a divorce isn’t final until a court rules that it’s final.
  2. Irretrievable breakdown happens when you and your spouse both file paperwork saying that you have lived separate and apart for one year or more and both of you agree to the divorce. Yet, a court can issue a divorce on grounds of irretrievable breakdown even if your spouse disagrees with one or more reasons for the divorce if you also haven’t lived together in over a year.

The reason that these grounds speed up the divorce process is because there is already agreement on the grounds for divorce. It makes sense that the law wouldn’t want to tie up both your time and the courts’ time when you’ve already reached an agreement. It just makes sense for these grounds to allow for a faster divorce process.

Just because you’re filing for divorce doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in for a lengthy legal battle. There are instances where a court will finalize a divorce more quickly.