Do grandparents have rights after a divorce?

Divorce is never easy for anyone especially the people involved. Breaking apart a home is awful. Everyone is impacted by the divorce. As a grandparent, you are always there for your grandchildren. The thought of you no longer being able to spend time with your grandchildren because of the divorce is unimaginable.

Grandparents rights

So, what happens after a divorce? Who would possibly keep you from seeing your grandchildren? Unfortunately, it happens very often. Relationships get strained and people get their feelings hurt because of the divorce. Divorce can be messy and very complicated and you can be hurt as a result of it. It is good to know if you have any rights when it comes to seeing your grandchildren after the divorce. These rights have been recognized by the states for the past 40 years. The visitation laws are different in each state. There are things you can try that may help you get to see your grandchildren. They include:

  1. You can try to talk with your grandchildren’s parents possibly out of court to discuss the best interests of the children. You should just focus on communication and working out a plan that will work for you. Mediation is also a good option for you. This is when a mediator tries to end a disagreement by helping the two sides agree and talk about a solution to the problem.
  2. You can sue to have rights to visit your grandchildren. The courts will consider if it is in the best interests of the children. But anytime you go to court it can be challenging and stressful.

If you are a grandparent  who is being kept from seeing your grandchildren, there are steps you can take after the divorce. You just have to keep in mind who and what you are fighting for when it comes to making sure you get to spend quality time with your grandchildren.